There are two kinds of common keyboards: mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard. There is also capacitive keyboard which is not very common. At present, there are three kinds of keyboard on the market.

Keyboard is a kind of instruction and data input device used to operate equipment. It also refers to a group of function keys (such as typewriter and computer keyboard) that operate a machine or equipment through system arrangement. The keyboard is also a part of the keyboard instrument. It can also refer to the instrument that uses the keyboard, such as piano, digital piano or electronic piano. The keyboard helps to practice typing.

Keyboard is the most commonly used and the most important input device. Through the keyboard, English letters, numbers, punctuation marks can be input into the computer, so as to send commands and input data to the computer. There are also keyboards with various shortcut keys. With the passage of time, there are also independent products with various quick functions on the market, which are sold separately with special driver and setting software, which can realize personalized operation on compatible computers.

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